06 December 2016  Cut Throat The Pirate Spawn Custom figure by Hunter R Customs

06 December 2016  Spawn III Custom figure by Hunter R Customs

04 December 2016
  Spawn Fan Art by Nivanh Chanthara

04 December 2016
Powered Exo-skeleton Spawn Custom figure by Hunter R Customs

02 December 2016
Spawn Repaint figure by Hunter R Customs

02 December 2016
Spawn III Custom figure by Hunter R Customs

29 November 2016  Spawn IV Custom figure by Hunter R Customs

26 November 2016  Spawn #272 Cover A

Story : Todd McFarlane
Story : Friends
Art : Szymon Kudranski
Cover : Nivanh Chanthara
Published: April 5, 2017

Spawn comes face to face with one of his BIGGEST mortal enemies.

19 November 2016   7-Inch Scale Spawn Rebirth Figure

16 November 2016
Spawn #267 Cover B by Jordan Butler

21 October 2016  Spawn #271

COVER A: Hicham Habchi
For the first time ever, Spawn has control of his costume.

08 October 2016  Movie Spawn 2 Teaser Poster   

3D Skull by Kouji Tajima

08 October 2016
Spawn #270

06 October 2016  Spawn with brown color cape @ Spawn #266

06 October 2016  Variant covers for the Spawn #266

24  September 2016  Spawn Kills Everyone 3rd Print Cover

18 September 2016
Spawn #266
One of 4 variant covers of Savage Dragon/Spawn crossover

05 September 2016  Movie 

26 August 2016
Spawn #269 

Final art not shown - Art from Spawn #198 Page 14 
Story By:  Todd McFarlane
Art By: Todd McFarlane & Friends
NOVEMBER 30 / 32 PAGES  $2.99
The SPAWN saga continues!

23 August 2016
Spawn Kills Everyone 2nd Print Cover

1 Aug 2016
Spawn #268

Published: Oct 26, 2016
With newfound powers, Spawn begins his crusade of eradicating the evil still left on Earth. This issue takes a terrorizing twist that will leave you horrified.

23 July 2016
Spawn Kills Everyone Covers
Todd McFarlane , J.J. Kirby & Liana Hee

23 July 2016  [SDCC 2016] Spawn Kills Everyone Poster 
Featuring the art of all three Spawn Kills Everyone #1 covers
J.J. Kirby, Todd McFarlane & Liana Hee

15 July 2016  Spawn: Satan Saga War TP

Story By: Todd McFarlane / Erik Larsen
Art By: Erik Larsen / Todd McFarlane / Jonboy
Cover By: Erik Larsen / Todd McFarlane / Jonboy
Published: June 22, 2016
Collects SPAWN #256-262

15 July 2016  Spawn Origins Book 10

Story By: Brian Holguin / Todd McFarlane
Art By: Angel Medina
Cover By: Clayton Crain
Published: October 5, 2016
Collects SPAWN #113-125

15 July 2016
Spawn #267

Story By: Todd McFarlane
Art By: Todd McFarlane
Cover By: Rafael Albuquerque
Variant Cover By: Jordan Butler
Published: October 12, 2016
As Spawn's costume begins to form, it comes with new powers. But will Al be able to handle those powers?

7 July 2016  Spawn #264 - Spawn & Decay

3 July 2016
7-Inch Scale Spawn Rebirth Figures

Two upcoming Color Tops Collection #10 & #11 of the Spawn: Rebirth Figure. They will have a standard, masked Spawn as well as a TRU Exclusive Unmasked Spawn.
Spawn: Rebirth
Product Type: Action Figure
Series: Color Tops: Blue

24 May 2016  Spawn Kills Everyone! 

Custom figure by Hunter R Customs

18 May 2016  Savage Dragon #217 Cover  
Spawn Cross Over 

15 May 2016  Spawn #266  Cover 

17 April 2016  Spawn Kills Everyone!

Story: Todd Mcfarlane and J.J. Kirby 
Art: J.J. Kirby  and Todd Mcfarlane 
Cover A: Todd Mcfarlane 
Cover B: J.J. Kirby 
Cover C: Liana Hee 
July 20 / 40 Pages / FC / T / $3.99 
Do you have a favorite hero?! Better change it… They’re dead! If you ever wondered who the strongest hero is, This book answers it! It’s Spawn… He Kills Every Hero!

2 April 2016  Spawn Pockets 
Todd was playing April Fool's jokes on us.

1 April 2016  Jonboy Spawn CG
This CG work pays tribute to the stunning art of Jonboy Meyers.

CG & Custom figure by Hunter R Customs  
Photography by Akiyama Arion

 1 April 2016  Spawn #262 Alternate Cover 
Pencils by Gerardo Sandoval and inks by Todd

31 March 2016  Chi-bi Spawn by Todd 

14 March 2016  Spawn #266 Cover (pre-color) 

4 March 2016  The prototype of the NEW Spawn action figure

29 Feb 2016  Spawn #265 Cover 

26 Feb 2016  Spawn Adult Coloring Book Preview Pages

Source : Comicbook.com

19 Feb 2016  Spawn #261 Alternative Cover 

19 Feb 2016
  Spawn #264 

16 Feb 2016  Spawn #265 Cover by Erik Larsen
Spawn 265 featuring the return of ANT!

16 Feb 2016  Spawn #261 Cover

13 Feb 2016  McFarlane Toys New 7" Spawn

Complete with iconically flowing cape and chains, this figure stands 7 inches tall and will have an MSRP of $19.99. The figure will be part of McFarlane Toys' New Color Tops packaging initiative, which features uniquely numbered window boxes.

Source : CBR - Comic Book Resources

8 Feb 2016  Jonboy Spawn
Custom Figure : Hunter R Customs
Photo : Akiyama Arion

4 Feb 2016  Dark Hero - Spawn Fan Art 

26 Jan 2016  Spawn Coloring book

April 13 / 96 Pages / BW / T / $12.99

From fan favorite, Todd Mcfarlane, comes the first ever Spawn coloring book. Todd is known for his hyper detailed line work and now you are in the position of comic book colorist, designing a color scheme for some of Spawn’s most memorable pages.

26 Jan 2016  Spawn Returns !  Redcap Collection  
It will be nice to see the Spawn on the pegs again!
The line kicks off with Raven Spawn ...

Source : Idle Hands

23 Jan 2016  Spawn #263 
Erik Larsen (Pencils) and Todd Mcfarlane (Inks)
Demons... GONE. Angels... DEAD. Our Hellspawn...
Now HUMAN with NEW powers!

19 Jan 2016  Spawn #260 Alternative Cover 
Gerardo Sandoval  (Pencils) and Todd Mcfarlane (Inks)

19 Jan 2016  Spawn #261 Cover by Erik Larsen

18 Jan 2016  Spawn #255 P.6 by Jonboy Meyers

18 Jan 2016  Spawn #253 P.24 by Jonboy Meyers

14 Jan 2016  Spawn #264 Cover by Erik Larsen

29 Dec 2015  Spawn #262 

23 Dec 2015  Merry Christmas 
Sincere wishes of joy for you and your family the hope of Christmas with new year's inspirations for a fantastic new year

18 Dec 2015
  Spawn #263 Cover by Erik Larsen

10 Dec 2015
  Jonboy Spawn - Cape

09 Dec 2015  Jonboy Spawn - Before & After
Spawn III & Jonboy Spawn

03 Dec 2015  Jonboy Spawn - Making Of

01 Dec 2015  Jonboy Spawn - Custom Figure

27 Nov 2015  Spawn #262 Cover by Erik Larsen

26 Nov 2015
  Spawn #258 - Spawn Costume

Spawn costume is changed from Jonboy's design back to Greg Capullo's old design in this issue.

12 Nov 2015
  Spawn #258 - Preview and Final Cover  
Preview Cover - Jonboy Meyers
Final Cover - Erik Larsen (Pencils) and Todd Mcfarlane (Inks)

26 Oct 2015
  Spawn #261 - Preview Cover

Erik Larsen (Pencils) and Todd Mcfarlane (Inks)

31 Oct 2015  Happy Halloween Everyone!

28 Oct 2015  Jonboy Meyers Spawn - Custom Figure WIP

26 Oct 2015
  Spawn #260 

Story: Todd Mcfarlane and Erik Larsen
Art: Erik Larsen (Pencils/Inks) & Todd Mcfarlane (Inks/Pencils)
Cover A: Erik Larsen (Pencils) & Todd Mcfarlane (Inks)
Cover B: Gerardo Sandoval & Todd Mcfarlane (Inks)
January 27 / 32 Pages / FC / T / $2.99

THE SATAN SAGA WARS, Part Two The legendary Todd McFarlane and Erik Larsen join forces for a historic and show-stopping collaboration of titanic proportions in an epic display of creative talent on SPAWN!

26 Sept 2015  Jonboy Meyers Spawn - Custom Figure WIP

23 Sept 2015
  New Spawn #258 by Erik Larsen

Spawn #258, originally solicited as having been written by Paul Jenkins and featuring art by Jonboy, will now be written by Todd McFarlane, with art provided by Erik Larsen.

23 Sept 2015   
Medieval Spawn Resin Statue

18 Sept 2015  Update for The Evolution of Spawn 

Based on cover of Spawn #259, we added another Todd's Spawn to "The Evolution of Spawn 1992 -2015"

 17 Sept 2015  Spawn #259

DECEMBER 30 / 32 PAGES / FC / T / $2.99

Beginning "the satan saga wars!" -- the four-part story chronicling the final fate of wanda simmons' soul! this story will forever change the way spawn will live his life! in the entire run of the spawn , our hero has never had to face his greatest threat: Satan himself! Starting with this issue, Al Simmons will come face to face with Lucifer for the very first time. A battle of epic proportion will begin and the prize is... Wanda's soul. This story will forever change the way Spawn will live his life. Join us on this historic odyssey as Spawn takes on the Evil entity that gave him his powers way back in issue #1.

17 August 2015  Spawn Saga - Omega Spawn 1.5

13 August 2015  Omega Spawn 1.5

Custom Figure : Hunter R Customs
Photo : Akiyama Arion

30 July 2015  Spawn with Demon Wings 

Image source:  Spawn #254

18 July 2015  
HR Exclusive Edition 
Spiked Spawn in Display Case

15 July 2015  
Spawn #258

November 18 / 32 pages / Full Color / 12+ / $2.99
Spawn returns to the one place he never thought he would see again...HELL.

24 June 2015  Spawn #257

October 21 / 32 pages / Full Color / 12+ / $2.99
Spawn's enemies think they have the upper hand, but what they don't know is that they are playing right into his hands.

2 June 2015  Spawn #256

September 30 / 32 pages / Full Color / 12+ / $2.99
Spawn makes a decision that will change the game for everyone.

12 May 2015  Spawn #255

August 26/ 32 PAGES / FC / M / $2.99

26 March 2015  Spawn #254

JUL 29/ 32 PAGES / FC / M / $2.99

Reality has been undone, and Spawn's job is to fix it-beginning with the repair of a historical tragedy that has been undone by cynical, self-interested forces. Spawn must journey to another time and place to battle angels and demons both, and oversee the sinking of the unsinkable ship, RMS Titanic, which now sits in dry dock in New York harbor as a floating museum!

13 March 2015  
Medieval Spawn Statue

McFarlane Toys unveiled at 2015 Toy Fair booth was the Medieval Spawn Resin Statue.

26 Feb 2015  
The Evolution of Spawn 1992 -2015

Todd McFarlane has unveiled "The Evolution of Spawn," a graphic tracing the character's numerous costumes, from the 1992 original design to 2015 Jonboy's latest interpretation.

26 Feb 2015  Spawn #253

JUN 24/ 32 PAGES / FC / M / $2.99

What if you had the ability to communicate with someone inside their final dream but were powerless to prevent the dream from ending? Al Simmons journeys to a place he vowed he would never go: to his childhood, and to the side of a dying man he never fully knew in order to save the soul of his own estranged father. Meanwhile, Al's personal tragedy magnifies as the forces of darkness close in on the souls of those he loves the most.

08 Feb 2015  Spawn #252

APRIL 1 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $2.99

06 Feb 2015  10 Variant Covers of Spawn #250

1:100 Skottie Young Black & White
1:50 Todd McFarlane Black & White
1:25 Greg Capullo Black & White
1:10 Jock Black & White
Cover A by Todd McFarlane
Cover B by Greg Capullo
Cover C by Skottie Young
Cover D by Jock
Cover E by Sean Murphy
Cover F by Philip Tan

06 Jan 2015  Spawn #251

Story By: Brian Wood
Art By: Jonboy Meyers
Cover By: Jonboy Meyers
Published: 4 March 2015
32 Pages / FC / M / $2.99

Following the re-introduction of Al Simmons in SPAWN: RESURRECTION #1, we dig deeper into Spawn’s time away, the mystery of the word “CHAOS,” and Birch, the veteran warrior who is clearly more than he seems. As the city devolves around him, Spawn is an unlikely beacon of hope in the darkness.

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