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The guy that started this craze...

This is a collection of Collectible Figures (humans and non-humans) that are turned into Hellspawns because, ahem, choose one:

a) they made a pact with a certain ruler of the underworld
b) they were trapped inside Al Simmons' body
c) they were made by mad scientists!

Well, suggested revisions of this blog can be sent to me. And my thanks to all those who educate me on the collection, you know who you are! :)

Meanwhile, what constitutes a Spawn Collection?

Well, on my part, it is 'Focus Focus Focus'. No peripheral figures, no supporting casts, only Hellspawns. Instead of collecting every figures associated with Spawn, I concentrate only on SPAWN the main character, regardless if he/she/it is a human/robot/creature from another dimension.

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This guide is not just on the official figure but interesting variants too...the operative word here is interesting; having stickers on the right hand side of the bubble instead of the left is not...eh...very interesting.

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And heaven forbids, bootlegs although most of them are dated since pirates are only interested in collectible figures that are popular and Spawn is certainly not on the up and rising.

Some of the figures have been redesignated to a more appropriate section, eg, 'Necroplasm Spawn 2' is found under the index 'Spawn: Image'. If you have difficulties with the search, do write to me.

It is going to be a long collection guide and not all the posts are ready. I only got Sunday evening to spare and the speed for internet access on Sunday is laughable.

Some of the posts are very graphic-intensive, so do be patient during downloading.

Are they for Kids?
Of course toys/action figures are for kids, most collectors start their hobby as a kid but whereas our mum/wife threw it away along the years, it is now increasingly popular to retain and display the figures. An article in the 2004's New York Times revealed an increasing numbers of adult collectors nicknamed Rejuveniles and Kidults in the US$1.2b action figures market. It also credit McFarlane Toys for creating what is described as the trend towards a made-for-collectors market.

How many are there?
To date, there are 48 Spawn characters and counting. For collectors who prefer their figures imprisoned, there are more than 280 cards to collect. Card is a generic term to represent figures kept inside the package, bubble, box, whatever. If you, like me are a Display Collector, you have to determine which you intend to display and which you don't. At the moment, there are easily more than 300 that can be displayed.

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