I would be "delighted" to put our sell and buy requests here but please provide full name and an email address to facilitate trading.

1. Sell dated 20 Jan 2011
Sanjiv from Singapore intends to let go a substantial portion of his collection. He has put up a list for fellow collectors to check out: The Sanjiv List. Email him at Sanjiv Singh.

2. Sell dated 22 Jan 2011
"The time has come for me to sell my beloved collection of spawn figures. They range in series, but all are NRFB, in smoke free environment, and apart from a tiny minority are in pristine condition (the odd ones being Ebay cons). I am based near Cardiff and am looking for a serious collecter or collecters to sell to. Realistically the collection is worth just shy of £1000 but can break up and sell to individuals interested. Further details of collection available on request. Once again, realistically only avid collecters may contact as extremely rare items in collections such as repaints and limited editions." And here is The Jamie List. His Email Jamie Ellis.

3. Buy dated 24 Jan 2011
3.1 The gold-washed Spawn from Trading Series 1
3.2 Exo-Skeleton Spawn unmasked (green bones, brown bones and grey bones)
Buyer Email: David Mok

4. Sell/Buy dated 10 Feb 2011
Ken from Thailand is in a quandary and is weighing his option - he would like to offload his collection which he reckons as 80% complete unless there are good samaritans who can help him to reach 100%.

"Most of my collection r in card and also any club collector/exclusive/variant all in pack and card. Some of them I have extra piece too like wanda club collector I have like 3 pack and necroplasm spawn 10th anni I have 2 pack for that mostly I collect extra piece for variant". His email is Ken.

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