Spawn #114
Jan 2002

Ben Nakadai learned that his samurai ancestor is Isanagi Nakadai the Hellspawn.

Isanagi on his steed.

Spawn #115
Feb 2002

The future 2-Pack of "Simmons the Spawn vs Nakadai the Spawn".

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Cerebus #276
Mar 2002

A parody of Spawn by Dave Sim. Cerebus is dressed up as Spore, King of all demons and there is a mention of a Todd McSpawn. In writing this issue, Dave Sims was supposedly hoping for a response from Todd McFarlane. There are critics who thought the joke a bit out of sync with the declining popularity of Spawn.

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Spawn: Book of the Dead
Originally scheduled for May 2002 along with a pewter edition of the Series 21 Raven Spawn. It was eventually released in December 2008.

Spawn #118
Jun 2002

In this issue, Simmons envision the lives of his predecessors, including two completely new characters. The one above is however not new, he is Lord Covenant from Spawn the Dark Ages and he kindly agree to a guest appearance in the main spawn series after his own ended in 2001.
The new characters are Ulrich Ulfson, a Viking Spawn.

and the first Arab Spawn, Harun al Majnun the Spawn.

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Spawn #119
Aug 2002

The 'Spawn Convention' featuring the Legion of the Most Damned. There are many interesting varieties of Spawns and the one that gets promoted to the world of collectible figures is the Gunslinger Spawn. See Series 27 of March 2005. He would also starred in his own two-issue storyarc in 2008.

I like this conventioneer squatting like a Spiderman, all luminous and bright, a kind of Electro Spawn.

Two attentive participants with shiny armour mask.

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This should be the same Harun that appeared in #118.

She-Spawn before Nyx.

Crab? Spider?

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Spawn #120
Oct 2002

Cogliostro revealed he is Cain, the first murderer and the first Hellspawn. And yes he is also Malcus, Merlin and Faustus among others.

Photobucket During the battle in hell, there is a particularly unsettling image of the demise of one of the Spawns. Not Suitable for Spawn Fans.

Spawn #121
Dec 2002

Cain usurped the throne of hell. Simmons the Spawn become two entities - Simmons and this beautiful all-black Spawn.

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