Customs of Josh F+

Josh has literally conquered the niche market where the customs of Dunny Spawns are concerned. Wonderful stuff, really. Following are his works in chronological order. I am the proud owner of Dunny Spawn #3: Red Mandarin Spawn I.

His works are not cheap but then the base figure (that of a Dunny) alone costs US$50. He is very much into Spawn so it is only natural that I would feature more of his works gradually, meanwhile if you are interested in his custom, do drop Josh a line at his email address.

Spawn Dunny
Dunny Spawn #1: Spawn
One of the best and most creative custom of Dunny Spawn that you would ever see. The work on the cape itself is a testmament of Josh's professionalism.

Dunny Spawn #2: Wings of Redemption Spawn
I like the new look, face-wise; those hook end at the mask makes him look "fiercer", that's right a fierce dunny :)

Dunny Spawn #3: Red Mandarin Spawn I
My Mandarin! Yap, he is in my collection. Josh sent me images of Mandarin taken outdoor. The harsh and bright light actually accentuates the beautiful painting that he does.

Dunny Spawn #4: Red Mandarin Spawn II
A second Mandarin was completed at the same time, with changes to the mask on the forehead and carrying a horse-chopper instead of the double-bladed sword.

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