In a reflection of the disappointment that Spawn failed to complete its story-telling at #100, the fans voted with their pockets. After nearly a decade in the Top 10 Comics Preorder List, Spawn lost its position on one black February 2001 when it exits the Top 10 and went on a freefall. By end of the year, it was not even in the Top 20.

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Spawn the Dark Ages #22
Jan 2001

Before there was a Spawn-Not-Spawn in Spawn: Simony, there exists an almost Spawn and his name is Yagher Dien, a killer living in southern Ireland. Upon his death, he accepted the devil's condition and was cast back to Earth. He landed on a tree as a seedling waiting for Spawn formerly known as Lord Covenant to "die" so that he can take over.

Hellspawn #5
Jan 2001

The final issue to be penned by Bendis and featuring a cute Loch Ness Spawn poster plus...

that of Genghis Khan the Spawn. He has been mentioned since #1 but it is only in #5 that a drawing of him appeared.

Spawn #104
Feb 2001
The sad month where love was celebrated but not for Spawn as it exit the Comic Preorder Top 10 List. #104 written by Steve Niles.

Spawn #105
Feb 2001

Spawn #106
#106 is also selected as the cover for Spawn Vol 6 tpb in September 2008.

Spawn the Dark Ages #24
Mar 2001

Continuing the quest for more figures to be made. Spawn the Dark Ages i024.

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Hellspawn #7
Apr 2001

The transformation of Spawn into Raven Hellspawn - on the bottom right is written "...and a hellspawn is reborn". Spawn is not suffering from dissociative identity disorder, as explained by Steve Niles, Spawn manifests himself in many forms and this Raven undertaking is but one of his many alter egos and in this instance, the raven hellspawn identity lasted only a few issues.

Spawn the Dark Ages #28
Oct 2001

Bye Bye Iain - Spawn the Dark Ages ended its run. Interestingly, the official website shows only 27 issues.

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