Trex Creation

Dark Ages Spawn
Trex is a renowned Taiwanese sculptor with a fabulous blog - diary of my creation. In October 2002, he created this Dark Age Spawn inspired by Lord Covenant from Spawn the Dark Ages. Many "old-timers" I am sure would have seen this figure, so I hope this post and the images in A Pictorial Guide to Dark Ages Spawn by Trex (intensive) bring back wonderful memories of halcyon days.

PAW Spawn
This is a commissioned handled by Trex, spawnised from PAW! Milky Bliss Version manufactured by Coarse Toy. This is a 12" vinyl version. More images in A Pictorial Guide to PAW Spawn by Trex.

Dunny Spawn
Spawn commission by Trex is growing, wonderful news for us diehard fans. Check out his The Making of Dunny Spawn by Trex.

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